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What are our laws based on?

Way too often, our legislatures pass laws that are based on faulty data. The Drug War is just the most glaring manifestation of this phenomenon.

Will legalization result in rise in use?

Nobody really knows what would happen if marijuana or other drugs ever become available legally. But – we can try and project.

What does it take to prove medicinal value?

“When a seriously painful medical condition is cured by an illegal substance, the cure being substantiated by premier researchers at as good a medical institution as exists, what do we do?” Well, here’s what is generally done…

In local news… two cents on Rockefeller Drug Laws

For those who don’t know – we [in New York State] have one of the most draconian set of drug laws in the country.

Medicinal Value

Refusing to See the Obvious: More on Medicinal Marijuana

What Justice Thomas was basically saying in his opinion is that “marijuana has no accepted medical use because the legislature says it has no accepted medical use.”

4th District Court of Appeal Returns Pot to Rightful Owner

The case is a triumph of sensible approach over the formalistic one.

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